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shellopan cooperative - 19th Aug 2021

Written by Matthieu. Posted in caten.

Shellopan is a cooperative company making musical instruments of the "Handpan / Pantam" family.

Cooperative, because we are a group and we believe that sharing information and the means of production is a vector of progress.


Shellopan is also the name of our music instruments.

Carved by hammering the steel sheet with the humility to let the raw material pronounce "the last word", each HandPan is a unique creation and if it's possible to reproduce the "object", it's not possible to reproduce the "musical instrument" ...

Inspired by the "Steelpan" (traditional instrument of Trinidad and Tobago) and "Hang" (invented by PANArt company in 2000), our HandPan are exciting musical instruments.

Exciting because as fun to play as to listen ... They are able to gather enthusiasts of all nationalities who invent new ways to meet and make music together.


Our Shellopan Handpan are designed with the desire to make the fun of making music accessible to everyone.

Accessible because they allow those who have never made music to feel the pleasure of playing intuitively in the early hours of practice. The instruments are chosen directly from the manufacturers and with the opportunity to try several. Their prices are based on production costs and resulting quality level but not according to the laws of supply and demand.

We can invite you to discover the different scales of our musical instruments made of steel and passion ... For "makers", the fablab section is for you ...

If you want to acquire a Shellopan, you may find information on this page. Finally, if you cannot find the information you need in the FAQ, it remains the "contact" section!

Continue on the Blog and on the facebook page of the Cooperative or just see below a selection of our instruments sorted from the lowest to the highest scale :

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