How to acquire a Shellopan ?

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mise à jour le 22/06/2020 (auto translate of the french version)

For us the handpan is a means of personal and creative expression. His practice is accessible to everyone and we are trying to find the best organization to allow everyone to choose the instrument that will best suit him. Since the beginning of our activity we have always favored meetings with people wishing to buy a Handpan. Being able to test several instruments before purchase is the best way to find the instrument most suited to its practice. This meeting allows you to test several handpans available, to compare them with creations from several different manufacturers, to be introduced to the game for beginners, to fill up on information or to discover its manufacture ... It is also possible to make truly tailor-made instruments after talking with the person to study together the making of their instrument.

In this spring of 2020, our ideal model unfortunately becomes unsuited to the global health crisis and we have to accept other forms of organization involving more distance. We can therefore now do distance selling and we will continue to receive visitors only by appointment when this is authorized and in accordance with the rules of protection of each.

A distance purchase also requires forms of protection and we therefore guarantee:

  • Personal advice from the person who made the instrument, a video of the exact instrument which is sold with a natural sound (not reworked).
  • Simple and secure payment methods
  • A quality of packaging allowing us to guarantee the safety of the instrument during its transport (whatever the type of cover chosen).
  • The choice of a carrier with an offer of services allowing a planned delivery with the recipient (D + 1 in France).
  • Availability after delivery for advice to learn the instrument for beginners.
  • and of course, the right to be wrong or not to be satisfied and therefore to return the instrument within two weeks to be reimbursed.

We want to preserve the passion for our art as much as our craft approach ... so, even if it takes time and if it is done by electronic means, we want to have an individual relationship with each person making us honor to want one of our sound sculpture. They are handmade creations and not industrial objects, even if it is possible to find handpans on the internet and make 3 clicks to receive it at home, we really invite people wishing to acquire an instrument to consider their purchase as something important and therefore to have direct contact with the manufacturer of their future sound sculpture.

How to make an appointment to come and test your handpans? It is possible to come and test our instruments throughout the year in our workshop located 15 minutes from the center of Strasbourg (by appointment only and by notifying the number of accompanying persons). The workshop is easily accessible by train and by car. To make an appointment, you can write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to contact us for any information request or for a remote purchase? The easiest way will always be to contact us by email and specifying the subject of your request ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), for those who wish we can arrange a telephone meeting after a first contact by email but we prefer do not communicate by our telephone number in a public way.

How do you know which instruments are currently available? You will find below a link to our Youtube channel on which you can see a video of each available instrument. The stock is continuously updated. You will find in the description of each video, information concerning the range, the place where the instrument is available as well as its price. Our videos are made without any audio effect to give a "neutral" rendering of the sound of the instrument. We're not trying to make the sound "flattering" and the actual sound of the instrument when you test it is considered more subtle, so a video will not replace a real test of the instrument. The video still allows you to get an idea of the characteristics of the instrument and to be able to compare them with other realizations.

The description of the video will indicate if an instrument is already reserved or if there are restrictions on mail order. Indeed we can decide that certain instruments need to be chosen during a test only at our workshop. We can also maintain reservations for a few days according to the requests of certain visitors so that they can find a particular instrument during their visit.

Here is the list of our handpans currently available:

Can you give a positive response to all requests? Our stock is kept up to date according to the requests we receive and of course we happen to receive several requests at the same time. Some are requests for meetings and others for mail order. We treat all of this as best we can by providing an individual response to each. When we consider that the stock is no longer representative enough of our work (and therefore it no longer offers enough choice), we invite people to contact us later.

Can I reserve one of the instruments to be sure I can test it during my visit? If a specific request is made when making an appointment, we will tell you if this is possible. The answer may depend on the other meetings already planned and on our wish to always offer a coherent choice to our visitors.

What are the costs of mail order sales? The shipping costs are € 50 in France, € 75 for European shipments and on quotation for more distant shipments. It is also possible to ask your own carrier to come and pick up the parcel from us, this solution is sometimes more economical because carriers have rules for calculating their rates often "surprising". Our packaging technique makes it possible to send instruments whatever the type of cover chosen (no obligation to purchase a rigid cover).

Do you make "flash sales"? This principle consists in making an instrument available for the first one who clicks on the "buy" button ... Really, the speed race to choose a Handpan seems to us to be the worst thing to consider. The answer is therefore: No!

Do you make custom orders? yes, but in limited number to allow us to continue our research program through the realization of the ranges of our choice. The deadline for "custom" orders is generally 3 months. We only require a deposit for instruments whose level of personalization is very specific.

What are the prices of your Handpan? The price range is between 1000 € and 2800 €, the price is determined by the manufacturer of the instrument according to the number of notes, the level of finish or the quality of the sound timbre. The price of each instrument available for sale is noted in the presentation video (see the description of the video on Youtube).

What accessories are supplied and / or optional? A basic cover is always offered with our instruments and it is very suitable for occasional trips by car. It is possible to opt for two types of higher-end covers that can be worn as a backpack, they are custom made by Namana and offer better protection. The costs are 90 € or 140 € to replace the basic cover. The most upscale version has the most advanced protection.


Finally, if you want to continue your search for information on handpans, we invite you to consult our guide dedicated to beginners to help choose a handpan!


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