How to acquire a Shellopan ?

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last update : 10/05/2018

For us the handpan is a means of personal and creative expression. His practice is accessible to all and we try to find the best organization to allow everyone to choose the instrument that suits him best. Being able to test several instruments before purchase is the best way to find the best instrument for your practice and we prefer the meeting with people wishing to acquire one of our Handpans. This meeting makes it possible to test several available handpans, to compare them with creations of several different manufacturers, to be introduced to the game for the beginners, to receive information or to discover its manufacture... It is possible to make custom instruments after having exchanged with the person to study together the realization of his instrument.

We publish every 6 weeks a newsletter addressed to people who have given us their details (via the subscribe button at the top right of the screen). This publication marks the beginning of a period when we can receive visits because we can present a representative sample of our work. It is possible to test our instruments in two different regions. Those manufactured by Delphine will be mainly in her workshop in south of the Saône-et-Loire (71), while those of Matthieu and other members of the Shellopan fablab will be visible at the Strasbourg workshop (67). We also participate in different meetings outside our workshops and we will communicate the places and dates on our newsletters as well as at the bottom of the home page of our website. With our two workshops and our presence on festivals, we hope to make our instruments more accessible and it also allows us to offer re-tuning services for those who already have one of our instruments.

Here are some answers to the questions we receive regularly and which try to describe at best our functioning:

How to know which instruments are currently available? Below you will find a link to our Youtube channel where you will see a video of each available instrument. You will find in the description of each video, information concerning the scale, the place where the instrument is available as well as its price. Our videos are made without any audio effect to give a "neutral" rendering of the sound of the instrument. We are not trying to make the "flattering" sound and the actual sound of the instrument when you test it is considered more subtle, so a video will not replace a real test of the instrument. The video still allows you to get an idea of ​​the characteristics of the instrument and to compare them with other handpans.

Here is the list of our currently available handpans:

(ps: if the Youtube page says "No video" when you click on the link, it is because we are preparing our next newsletter and / or that we consider that our stock is no longer sufficiently representative of our work to receive visitors )



How to make an appointment to test or get a Handpan? It is possible to test our instruments throughout the year (by appointment) in two different regions. Those manufactured by Delphine will be mainly in his workshop south of the Saone-et-Loire (71), while those of Matthew will be visible at the Strasbourg workshop (67). The addresses of our workshops are communicated when making appointments. To make an appointment, you can write to us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or reply to our newsletter.

Can you give appointments for all requests? Our stock is kept up to date according to the visits we receive. When we consider that the stock is not enough representative of our work (and therefore it does not offer enough choice), we invite people wishing to visit us to contact us after the next newsletter. This step is not the most pleasant of our work, we try to do the best to give a positive answer to everyone but we refuse to enter a logic of production at the expense of the quality of our work.

Can I reserve one of the instruments to be sure to test it during my visit? If a specific request is made when making an appointment, we will tell you if it is possible. The answer can depend on the other appointments already planned and our wish to always offer a coherent choice to our visitors.

Do you sell mail order? Our experience tells us that this is not the best way to get a handcrafted musical instrument. We therefore carry out mail order sales when we create "bespoke" creations or for certain instruments when indicated in the video presentation. The shipping costs are 75 € for shipments in Europe and quotations for shipments in the world.

Do you make "flash sales"? This principle consists of making an instrument available for the first one who clicks on the "buy" button ... Really, the race to choose a Handpan seems to be the worst thing to consider. The answer is: No!

What are the prices of your Handpan? Our pricing is based on several criteria including the level of finish, the level of difficulty of the realization, the quality of the tone of the sound and the overall balance of the instrument. The price range is between 900 and 1500 € including a carrying case. The price of each instrument is noted in its video presentation (see the description of the video on Youtube).

Finally here is our guide dedicated to begginners to help to choose a handpan!


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