09/2017 Newsletter

on Sunday, 17 September 2017. Posted in english blog

English version – summary:

-          How to choose a (good) Handpan

-          Just a little musical theory

-          how to learn to play Handpan

-          Our musical instrument

We have chosen to dedicate this newsletter to beginners by giving links to 3 articles that we have written on our website.


How to choose a (good) Handpan ?

We often meet people who come to see us with an instrument purchased sometimes very expensive and that does not give them satisfaction. They ask us if we can (re)tune them or make their instruments more pleasant. Unfortunately, the structure of these instruments makes it impossible to make them "pleasant" even if we tune them. These instruments are often sold second hand or on the internet and this creates traps for many beginners. We have therefore drafted an article to try to help the people discovering the Handpan to choose their instrument. You can consult it by following the link below.



Just a little musical theory.

A second article has been posted on our website and it tries to explain the notation used to designate the different scales of handpan. Indeed some manufacturers use "poetic" names that are easy to remember, others names that reflect traditional musical notation or names referring to the cultural use of the musical mode ... Writing an article to explain all this is not simple and updates will certainly still be necessary (your remarks are welcome!).



How to learn to play Handpan ?

Here is a final article (written in French only) with some tips to learn how to play handpan. Several methods exist and each one is complementary: to find its intuitive music, to meet other players or professional musicians, to follow courses or to take an online course ... At the bottom of the article, there is a discount coupon for those who would like to take an online course with David Charrier. This article is written in French only.



Our musical Instruments:

For those who wish to get a Shellopan, we will publish a monthly newsletter with a video of the instruments available. If someone is interested in an instrument, it will be enough to answer within 3 days mentioning the wish to visit us in Strasbourg (FR) or to receive it by carrier. If more than one person is interested in the same instrument, we will randomize the choice (and double the chance to those who want to visit us).

Our pricing is based on the quality of the instruments (level of finish, level of difficulty of the scale, sound quality, overall balance ...). The shipping costs are 75 € for shipments in Europe and on quotation for shipment in the world. Availability info are updated in the description of the video.

Following our website articles, the videos below show our latest creations and the selection should make possible to better distinguish the type of sound tone you like (or not). All instruments are not for sale and some prototypes are only presented for the comparison.

Here is our list of instruments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2WwU01XpHM

  • E/A Aeolian #1 (00:07) - E / A B C D E F G A – 1200€



  • E/A Aeolian #2 (01:26) - E / A B C D E F G A – 1200€



  • D/F Voyager #1 (02:47) - D / F A C D E F A C – 1200€



  • D/F Voyager #2 (04:29) - D / F A C D E F A C – 1200€



  • D/A Celtic minor 9 #1 (06:14) - D / A C D E F G A C D – 1300€



  • D/A Celtic minor 9 #2 (08:17) - D / A C D E F G A C D – 1300€



  • E/G La Sirena (10:26) - E / G B C# D E F# G B E – 1300€



  • Db F/Ab Double bass Equinox 9 (12:32) - Db / F Ab C Dd Eb F G Ab C – prototype not available



  • Db/F Deeper Raga Desya Todi (13:13) - Db / F Ab Bb C Db Eb F Ab – not available



  • F# AkePygNox9 (14:13) - F#/G# A C# D E F# G# A C# - 1100€



  • F AkePygNox 9 (15:09) - F / G Ab C Db Eb F G Ab C – prototype not available



  • D/A Phrygian 9 (15:57) - D/ A Bb C D E F G A C – prototype not available



  • E/ G# Higher Raga Desya Todi 9 (17:10) - E / G# B C# D# E F# G# B C# - not available


More news next month!


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