08/2017 Newsletter

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10/08/2017 NEWSLETTER


-          News from the Shellopan Cooperative

-          Our musical instruments

-          News for makers


Some news from the Shellopan cooperative:

Shellopan is a cooperative making sound sculptures of the handpan family and a manufacturer of the raw material accessible to other instrument makers. It is also the name of the handpan we are making. Two people work full time on this project (Delphine and Matthieu) and we receive visitors using our workshop like a fablab so that they can practice and develop their own project.

The Interest in this instrument inspired by the steelpan from Trinidad and Tobago and the Hang formerly manufactured by PANArt is still growing. The community of enthusiasts meets several times a year during gatherings and people are crossing the continents, new manufacturers start projects in all countries, initiatives are emerging everywhere and we receive more and more requests for which it becomes unfortunately difficult to answer in a personal way.


We therefore decided to give some news about all our activities through newsletters. Our website has been updated too and our last post is a long article about the handpan scales we are building :


Our musical Instruments:


For us the handpan is a means of personal and creative expression. His practice is accessible to all. This notion of accessibility to all leads us to test a new way of selling our creations, so we end the waiting list principle to find more creative capacities and a freer organization of our work.

For those who wish to get a Shellopan, we will publish a monthly newsletter with a video of the instruments available. If someone is interested in an instrument, it will be enough to answer within 3 days mentioning the wish to visit us in Strasbourg (FR) or to receive it by carrier. If more than one person is interested in the same instrument, we will randomize the choice and give a little more chance to those who want to visit us.

Our pricing is based on the quality of the instruments (level of finish, level of difficulty of the scale, sound quality, overall balance ...). Prices ranges from 900 to 1500 € including a soft bag. The shipping costs are 75 € for shipments in Europe and on quotation for shipment in the world.

Here is our list of instruments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx7Svwdb-II

Prices and availability are shown in the description of the video.

News for handpan makers:


As with instruments, we receive far more demands on the raw material or the use of fablab that we can humanely handle. The choice of steel is always a delicate step in our work and we are currently trying to improve our knowledge of the links between the physical / chemical characteristics of the steel and the timbre of the sound that will be obtained on a handpan at the end of our work.

This study also allows us to distinguish which characteristics of the sound can be related to the tuning style, the raw material or its treatment to harden it. It is an exciting and complicated study to carry out because of the large number of parameters to be taken into consideration.

Part of this study was carried out during the Griasdi Festival in Austria (July 2017). During 4 days, beginners, passionate amateurs, professional musicians and other manufacturers were able to blindly test 6 instruments constructed using the same method but with six different steels. This test is only one step of the study and you can also participate by making any comments regarding the video visible here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZWUFQyr0lo

More news next month!


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